Don’t Let Your Day-to-Day Derail Your Future


I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I feel like my life has become a marathon of sprints. While my cellphone is great at keeping me on task for appointments, meetings and my kids’ activities, it feels like a tether I can’t sever. I’m constantly being pinged, texted, emailed with hardly a moment’s peace.

As a result of the accelerated pace of life, time has become a valuable commodity. The time we invest in just earning a living has grown substantially over the years. Consider how the employment paradigm has shifted: job security is a thing of the past; the growth of the gig economy has meant fewer employees and more temporary contractors/freelancers. Both scenarios equate to more time spent acquiring work and less time for everything else in life.

As a working parent, I’m forever balancing my personal and business obligations. I want to be there for important moments in my children’s lives, but I also have responsibilities that I can’t neglect. With everything we’re juggling, some of the balls are bound to drop.

I’m here to help you pick them back up―at least those related to your financial future. Life changes with unprecedented speed, and, with it, so do your plans for the future. Here are five questions to ask yourself that will help you determine what actions you might need to take. Think of this as a situational checklist to help keep your plans on track.

Did you recently change jobs?

  1. Did your income increase?
  2. Do you need more life insurance?
  3. Was your insurance portable?
  4. Did you roll over your retirement benefits?

Is your budget current?

  1. Is your spending still aligned with your income?
  2. Have your obligations increased/decreased?
  3. Do you have an emergency fund?
  4. Are there any big expenses coming up in the near future?

Is your retirement still on track?

  1. When do you plan to retire?
  2. Are you contributing enough to your retirement accounts/investments to meet that date?
  3. Do you have a financial advisor that reviews your investments on an annual or semi-annual basis?

Have you recently married or havechildren?

  1. Have you updated your will?
  2. Have you checked your beneficiary designations?
  3. Should you consider setting up a trust?

Do you intend to pay for or supplement your children’s education?

  1. Is college part of the plan?
  2. Do you know the cost of the particular institution?
  3. Have you considered trade school or community college?

It’s easy to lose sight of these big-picture items in the face of tasks that need immediate attention. But if you refer to this checklist when some aspect of your life changes, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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