The Convenience of Secure Digital Storage

No Matter Where You Go Your Important Docs Should Be Accessible


moving LSAn acquaintance of mine recently moved and it started me thinking about all the difficulties and stresses that go with moving, even when you’re excited and looking forward to your new home.

Now, you may have heard, as I had, that moving was supposed to be one of the most stressful situations a person could experience, right up there with divorce or a death in the family. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t any evidence to support that legend. Most of the studies didn’t specifically look at the stress of moving; most studied the very different situation of migration. That is until recently.

According to a British energy company survey, our friends across the pond felt moving was more stressful than a relationship breaking down, getting a divorce and starting a new job, all three of which tied for second place. The same survey also found that furniture not fitting in the new house and misplaced possessions topped the list for stressful moving day moments. And approximately 25% said it took weeks before all the boxes were unpacked.

Misplacing some sheets or not being able to find the college textbooks you’d saved would or could certainly be inconvenient.

But what if the box that was misplaced or that you couldn’t identify was the one with your important papers, such as birth certificates, insurance policies, mortgage papers, or the photos and memorabilia from your childhood and your children’s early years in the home you’d just left? That would and could be very distressful, especially if for any reason one of those important documents was needed, say a birth certificate to register a child in his or her new school.

That’s why most information and tips about moving encourage you to keep your important documents and certain valuable items in a separate box that you carry with you or that you can leave with a friend or family member to ship to you after your arrival in your new location.

I believe there is a better way.

I’ve written about using digital storage to save important documents and family treasures, such as photos and recipes and life stories. There are three prime reasons for doing so and these reasons can become even more important if you ever have to move.

  • First, digital storage is safer. Most online storage services offer high-end security protection, the same level of protection you have for your online bank accounts. No matter how carefully you store them at home, or plan to transport them during a move, there is always the chance of your documents, photos and any paper records being lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • Second, digital storage is instantly available 24/7 and offers capacities ranging from gigabytes to terabytes (as a reference, 7GB of photos is approximately 1,400 photos). Many people use a safe deposit box to store important papers or valuables. While a safe deposit box certainly offers security, it can also be inconvenient. You can only access the items during business hours for the bank branch where your safe deposit box is located and the size of your safe deposit box is limited to the maximum offered by the bank (15” x 22” x 12”) or whatever size is available at the time of rental.
  • Third, your digital storage can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access – your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. If you move with paper or hard copy documents, you need to figure out the best way to transport this information and make sure you can access it when you need it or, more importantly, it doesn’t get lost in the chaos of the move.

Digital storage makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. As our lives become more complex, keeping track of all our information and documents becomes more of a chore. In many cases, we no longer even have paper documents. A number of transactions are now conducted completely online. Digital storage allows you to not only store your documents but to have a handy inventory of them as well.  And to never have to worry about misplacing them or wondering in which box they were packed.

If you’re interested in digital storage, how it works, it’s safety and benefits, I invite you to check out our LegacyShield℠ website. We built LegacyShield℠ specifically to address the issues of storing financial documents, photos, videos, stories and other valuable information as we move deeper into the digital age. We make sure that your information is stored in a safe place so that you get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Watch our video for more about LegacyShield℠.



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