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96823415_OnlineEdJoshua Rauh, Professor of Finance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business thinks the subject of retirement preparation is so important he expanded his “Finance of Retirement & Pensions” class to the Internet so that the eight-week course would be available to anyone who wants to take it.

According to the course description at the website, students will learn the financial concepts behind sound retirement plan investment and pension fund management and will become more informed on how to make decisions about their own portfolios.

In his video introduction, Rauh points out that the responsibility for planning for retirement has more and more fallen on individuals, a message that I have also been sharing. Rauh outlines an engaging, multi-media approach to the material that includes info-graphics and weekly webinars with financial industry leaders. The printed course description says the course requires four-to-six hours a week. Of course, it is a university level course at one of the country’s top-rated business schools, but don’t let the equations put you off. And all it will cost you is time – a terrific investment that could reap substantial dividends down the line.

This is an excellent way to get information from an instructor who is not an employee of a financial services company. This session has already started, but you can catch up since past sessions are archived. And if it is a success, don’t be surprised if Professor Rauh offers the course online again.

Take Away: Anyone with a computer who wants to learn about retirement planning has the opportunity to take a free eight-week course from Stanford University Business School.

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