Entertainment Value: Movies About Money


167480094_MoneyMoviesStories about the impact of money are as old as the written word. Greek mythology had King Midas, and both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are rife with stories on money and its pitfalls. In the modern age, the only thing that’s changed is the medium. The intersection between finance and popular culture is still fertile ground for stories about the impact of money, only now they’re films.

Autumn is a great time to have movie nights with the family. Here is a list of classic films about money and finance:

Boiler Room, (2000). Described as Glengarry Glen Ross meets Wall Street.

Brewster’s Millions, (1985). Richard Pryor learns that spending millions to make more millions doesn’t buy happiness.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, (2005). A plot like this could never be sold as fiction. Enron’s collapse resulted in suicides, 20,000 people losing their jobs and one of the largest bankruptcies in history.

It’s a Wonderful Life, (1946). A holiday season stalwart with a heartfelt message that’s just as potent in the autumn.

Jerry Maguire, (1996). In most movies, agents are routinely cast as bad guys. Here Tom Cruise plays one who grows a conscience. His immediate reward is losing his job and fiancée. His eventual redemption brings him everything he needs.

The Money Pit, (1986). A hilarious, if cautionary, tale about the perils of home ownership and a deal that’s too good to be true.

Office Space, (1999). A favorite of cubicle culture everywhere. While waiting for layoffs to be announced one employee gets hypnotized, stops caring and participates in a plot to save everyone’s job.

The Pursuit of Happyness, (2006). A story of hard work and perseverance in the face of almost insurmountable odds.

Slumdog Millionaire, (2008). The price of defying expectations can be steep as the Mumbai teen who enters a TV contest show finds out.

Trading Places, (1983). Are successful business people made or born? The classic “nature vs. nurture” debate translated into a hysterical movie that stands the test of time.

Wall Street, (1987). Maybe the granddaddy of them all when it comes to movies about money in the modern age. It’s where the quote “greed is good,” comes from.

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