Optimism in Moderation


164628621_PositiveI view the glass as half-full. I’m an optimist. So I read a recent Bucks column by Carl Richards, a financial planner in Park City, Utah and fellow optimist, with great interest.

He makes some excellent points. Like, life is better when you bring a positive attitude to it, but not in excess as is the case of thinking if you believe something is true long enough, it will come to pass. In the long term, magical thinking doesn’t work.

But a positive attitude does. Among Richards’ points are:

Seeing opportunities instead of problems
An experience can be seen from two sides. One person can be discouraged that the prospects for the younger generation are dim. On the other hand, recent college graduates are excited that starting a business has never been easier and cheaper.

Bringing a good attitude to work
Employers like employees that demonstrate a positive attitude. It may not save your job, but it will probably help you get another one if you have to.

Find the positive to help get through the rough patches
Believing things will work out can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The universe probably won’t bail you out, but tough times eventually pass. If you’re not being positive, you’re limiting your own options. Opportunities abound – if you’re grumpy, you won’t see them!

Suggested reading: Flourish by Martin Seligman and The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley.

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